How often does the STEPS To Exercise Certificate Program run?2023-03-10T14:29:40-05:00

All steps courses are also offered on zoom.

What is STEPS UP?2017-01-24T08:56:30-05:00

The STEPS UP! Program is a step up from our STEPS To Exercise classes. We recognize that many of our participants and caregivers would like to participate in more individualized and challenging personal exercise training programs which include both strength and endurance. The benefits of strength training are undisputed in many areas of research for all levels and we want to offer the best gym based program available.

What is STEPS Strong Care?2017-01-24T08:57:12-05:00

STEPS Strong Care is a small group personal training and education program designed for caregivers. It allows the caregiver to socialize with other caregivers while they exercise in order to gain much needed strength. It includes a hot, healthy buffet with their significant other. While we care for their loved one in the SAM Program, the caregiver can enjoy a well rounded gym workout and learn the latest in nutrition and wellness education.

Why should I send my staff to the STEPS To Exercise Program?2017-01-24T08:57:40-05:00

The STEPS To Exercise Program will assist your staff to provide a safe and effective group exercise program for all your clients. Our training will be valuable in helping your clients maintain basic strength and mobility which can help prevent falls and reduce staff injury. Your clients will be able to maintain their current physical level and by following our exercises improve range of motion and activities of daily living. Staff love the program – we have numerous testimonials to support this.