STEPS Train the Trainer

As the creators of STEPS To Exercise and STEPS UP! we are currently finishing the STEPS To Exercise Train The Trainer Program under a two year Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant.

  • Do you have a Certificate in SAM STEPS To Exercise Leadership?
  • Do you have a Certificate in STEPS UP?
  • Do you hold an Older Adult Specialist Certificate?
  • Do you hold a Fitness Specialist Certification?

Then you may be eligible to Train other Trainers for STEPS!

We have communicated with partner agencies for input on the Train the Trainer resource handbook, website additions and course content.

We are near the end of our Research and Development of our resource materials for this Train the Trainer handbook. Our materials are always reviewed by an expert panel and we are looking forward to the launch of this program and finalizing our materials for this handbook

We have created Best Practice routines that will be available to our Trainers via training and are anxious to announce our new routines online that will offer advanced video development and production.

We will be Introducing and administering this education “Train The Trainer” course and handbook and website resources to our partner participants first and then opening up the “Train the Trainer” course based on acceptance and prerequisites being met for participation.

We look forward to launching the “Train the Trainer” Course and Resources and we will update you in the near future!

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