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On October 4, 2011 The STEPS company celebrated the official launch of “STEPS UP!” a gym-based exercise program for participants with medical conditions. It is made possible with a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

With the popularity and success of the STEPS To Exercise Program we recognized that many of our clients and caregivers would benefit from an individualized and challenging exercise program that included both strength and endurance. We wanted to offer the best gym based program for our SAM clients. We can help your facility offer the best gym based programs for your clients too!

Our Program staff has earned national certifications as Personal Trainer Specialists and Older Adult Specialists. Our team includes an on-site Registered Nurse and is managed by the STEPS company. The entire gym team works with the clients who participate in the individualized and challenging exercise program appropriately called “STEPS UP!”

STEPS UP! is a consultation program developed for Administrators and their organizations, Certified Exercise Program Trainers and Leaders to UP! their existing excerise programs.

The purpose of this training is to provide Best Practice Standards and to outline what a successful advanced exercise program and exercise facility must include. If your facility is small, large or mobile the goal is to provide safe, accessible, fun and professional exercise programs.

Liability, risk management, small group and personal training programs, advanced exercise classes, assessments and wellness information for Trainers of older adults with various medical conditions is covered in the consultation.

This training focuses on providing direction to Administrators, Certified Trainers and/or Certified Fitness Leaders to deliver all necessary criteria in order to facilitate the best Older Adult exercise programs possible in your facility.

STEPS is ready to discuss your facilities’ needs and goals.

  • Please contact us for pricing
  • (min. of 5 participants & max. of 25 participants)
  • A cancellation fee will apply
  • Offsite Travel Expenses .55/km

Made possible with a grant from

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