STEPS to Exercise Apparatus

The proper use of apparatus in an exercise program can bring both physical and mental benefits to the participants. When apparatus is appropriately teamed with great leadership, the participants interest and participation level can rise.

Apparatus can enhance balance, strength, coordination, concentration, tactile stimulation, flexibility, body function, awareness, and group cohesion.

The use of apparatus increases the responsibility level of the Exercise Leader.

Apparatus is an important element in our STEPS To Exercise routines, but how do we keep this fitness component Safe, Fun and Functional?

Join the STEPS Team to learn more about the apparatus you currently use and discover new exercises you can be leading.

Together we will make up some fresh apparatus routines and generate ideas that your participants will enjoy!!!

STEPS 2 Category

Apparatus = Energy & Fun!

STEPS To Exercise Leadership Using Apparatus

(Available when STEPS 1 has been completed or previous training)

Theory and Practical Training – 2 Hours

  • (min. of 5 participants & max. of 25 participants)
  • A cancellation fee will apply
  • Offsite Travel Expenses .55/km